Why does everyone love After School Languages?

Schools, Parents, & Students have all come to love our wonderful after school language programs and below are just a few of the reasons why.


Why do schools love working with After School Languages?


Our After School Languages teachers are professional, easy to work with, and experienced in working with students of all ages and abilities.


We work together with schools to provide a safe and fun after school environment.


Our linguists are both accommodating and responsive to the needs of our students and our partnering schools.


Why do parents love After School Languages?

Opening Minds

According to CNBC, the top 5 most culturally diverse cities in America all have one thing in common: they are located in California. Exposing your children to different cultures and languages at an early age can help them be more adaptable and build the social skills needed to live in one of the most diverse places in the country.

A head-start in a global workforce

With the economy working on a global scale and many of our countries largest companies operating worldwide, having the ability to adapt and understand languages as well as being sensitive to other cultures is more important than ever. Most of the world’s successful individuals, leaders, businessmen, and executives work well with other cultures and languages. This is becoming even more imperative as almost every industry has expanded to operate on a global scale in today’s marketplace. This is true for the film and television industry (with major studios and markets now in Canada, France, Italy, USA, China), the manufacturing industry (China, Japan, Korea, Germany, USA), the clothing and garment industry (Mexico, USA, China, Turkey, Vietnam), the automobile industry (China, Japan, Germany, South Korea, India, USA, Brazil). While being fluent in these languages is a wonderful goal, even just being exposed and having a background can help break barriers with people from other cultures.

You will no longer be an hour late

After School Languages is a one-hour program that takes place after school on school grounds. So guess what? That means you get to come an hour later and know that your children are learning and having fun.

No driving across town

Parents do not have to drive their children to a language class because our program works within the schools.

Education for the future

Education is about preparing our children for a happy and fulfilling life. Our program revolves around helping students build social skills and gain familiarity with other languages and cultures in order to help them later in life.


Why do students love learning from After School Languages?

New Friends and New Skills

After sitting in a classroom all day, we feel that the best way to retain information is to have fun and interact with each other. Students love being part of After School Languages because they get to learn something new while having a good time with friends, playing games, and moving around.

It is Funducational!

Using games, songs, and fun activities, our students are able to build social skills with their peers while being exposed to a new language. After School Languages gives children an advantage for their future and we do it in a fun way.