Russian Classes for Kids


Why Should Children Learn Russian?

Russia is one of the largest producers of numerous natural resources and raw materials including petroleum, diamonds, gold, copper, manganese, uranium, silver, graphite, and platinum. It is the second largest steel producer in the world after Japan, and has an enormous timber reserve. It is the world’s largest producer of natural gas, third largest producer of oil and fourth largest in terms of the mining of coal. Russia is also an enormous market for US goods and services. With Russian language skills, you can work with American businesses participating in this successful market. Russian is one of the most spoken languages in the world since Russia covers about an 8th of the world’s land surface making it the largest country in the world. A recently released study states that Russian is very important in the fields of chemistry, physics, geology, mathematics, and other sciences due to being the second most used language in the publication of science studies and articles. Russia is also known for its innovations in computer technology, software engineering, and computer programming.