Our Programs

Our after school programs are one-hour language classes that take place after school on school grounds. Our language classes revolve around helping students build social skills and gain familiarity with other languages and cultures in order to help them later in life.

Companies hiring in today’s global economy are typically looking for workers who know different languages or have a good understanding of other cultures. According to the National Research Council, knowledge of other languages can enhance your career opportunities, helps with travel, and enables individuals to learn about different cultures. after-school-language-career-sbIn a survey released by the American Graduate School of International Management, the majority of participants claimed that they had gained a competitive advantage in the workplace due to their knowledge of foreign languages and cultures and that it played a key role in their hiring process. They also stated that this knowledge and exposure taught them mental discipline, led to personal fulfillment, and gave them cultural enlightenment which are all elements that our After School Languages program strives to provide for our students.


Languages Taught

English – Click here to read about our After School Languages Program which works with ESL students to help them with their studies.

French – Click here to read about our After School Languages program designed to expose students the one of the worlds most romantic languages, French.

Russian – Click here to learn about our After School Languages Russian program which gives students exposure to a unique culture and one of the worlds economic and political powers

Spanish – Click here to learn about our very popular After School Languages program which puts learning Spanish easier and more fun then ever.

American Sign Language (ASL) – Click here to learn about one of our new After School Languages, which gives students exposure to speaking with their hands.

Additional Languages – We are always looking to add new languages. Many of our teachers are multi-lingual so if there is a language that you would like to learn or incorporate in your after school program please click here to contact us and request a new program.