How After School Languages Started

Aurelie Rose, Language Teacher, after school languages, after school program santa barbara

Aurelie Rose is a French-born linguist, international communications professional, and founder of the After School Languages program. Miss Rose received her Master’s Degree in International Communications from the University of Lyon, France while majoring in scientific and medical translation for English, French, Spanish, and Russian. Upon graduating top of her class in a highly specialized school, Miss Rose went on to work for the World Health Organization’s IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer). She later became a professional translator and translation editor completing projects for international companies such as Toyota, 3M, Lululemon, Playdoh, Mattel, Bushnell, Volvo, and more. But it was not until after settling in the United States that Aurelie discovered her true passion: working with children and helping them advance their communications and language skills. Aurelie has since tutored children in Santa Barbara, Montecito, and Goleta as well as taught after school classes for schools such as Foothill Elementary, Montecito Union, Cold Spring, Washington, Roosevelt, and more.  Aurelie attributes her ability to speak without an accent to exposure to various languages at an early age. Studies have shown that in order to become truly fluent in a language, students must typically be exposed to it before the age of 11. Miss Rose has since developed a curriculum that teaches languages through movement and fun activities in order to provide children with a head-start on their future.