The Independent Names After School Languages 2016 Finalist for Best Tutoring Program in Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara Independent Names After School Languages the official 2016 finalist for Best Tutoring Program in Santa Barbara in their Best Of Reader’s Poll.

The best of reader’s poll takes place every year in Santa Barbara County. The Independent  polls it’s reader’s on the best businesses and services in Santa Barbara.

After School Languages’ founder Miss Rose attended the awards ceremony held at the Carriage Museum to accept the honor on behalf of the program. We would like to thank the Santa Barbara Independent, The Independent’s reader’s, our students, parents, and school administrators that have supported the program and helped name us the 2016 finalist for Santa Barbara’s Best Tutoring Program. Thank you Santa Barbara!

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The below article was written by Ethan Stewart at the Independent published on Thursday, October 20, 2016 in the section: Best of Santa Barbara® 2016: Little Creatures

I have always felt that there is a wicked and limiting ageism in the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” After all, I am a dog, and, well, if my teeth and squeaky hips are any indicator, I am also approaching “old dog” status. However, after a few sessions with Eric Smith and crew at K-Nine Solutions, Dug Daug is learning stuff! Ask any human in my life; the K-Nine team has my extra excitable barking fits under control and my incessant begging for bacon in check, and I am even considering allowing my humans to leash me. We shall see (the “Liberty Before Leash” tattoo plans may be going on hold indefinitely).

What isn’t on hold, though, are my plans for some prime puppy dog pampering. Dot and I are set for a grooming date at The Little Dog House with my main homegirl, Annabelle Hoffman. This place is a must-go for all dogs. Annabelle has been grooming longer than I’ve been living, so she knows how to make a dog feel right at home. After a clip and dip, we are off for a quick stay in the lap of luxury that is Dioji K-9 Resort. This place is so good, it is likely illegal in the Midwest ​— ​dogs don’t get their own swimming pools and athletic clubs where I come from. But, then again, we also don’t have feed stores like Lemos. That joint is a dream come true for canines, birds, or, dare I say, even cats. It’s a health-conscious superstore just for the furry and feathered folk!

If any health mishaps occur along the way, our first call is always to the amazing doctors at Carpinteria Veterinary Hospital. Though we live the next town over, we make sure our humans get us to Drs. Justin Fischer, Megan Thomas, Laura Putnam, Kristin Unverferth, or Maribel Munoz. They are all the best, whether I need flea pills or Dot has her rather disgusting problem of a fox-tail-up-her-nose, not to mention her most unsightly gout of “Santa Barbara” itch last summer.

Human puppies have it great around here, too! The weather is never an excuse, the ocean and the mountains are in your backyard, and the options for fun seem to be around every corner. Kernohan’s Toys has a special attraction for all littles ​— ​the place is wall-to-wall with every type of toy imaginable and then some. There isn’t anything in there that I’m allowed to chew on but my tail gets wagging watching all the tiny humans freak out.

A place called Peanuts is the go-to place for dressing your kiddos, but the store is also a bit of a baby/parenting culture hub with weekly classes and talks. Come for the onesies and used maternity clothes, but stay for the discussion on breast-feeding.

It should come as no surprise that the daycare facilities for little humans also go above and beyond around these parts. By all accounts, the San Marcos Parent Child Workshop is a beloved community institution. It turns out that working just as hard to support and educate the parents as well as the kids is a wildly popular formula for full family happiness and growth. Imagine if that caught on around the country? The Santa Barbara Zoo’s Summer Camp is another crazy cool option for the flesh puppies. The program is a sellout every summer and for good reason; it is all the fun and games of summer camp set behind the scenes at a zoo! -Dug