After School Spanish Classes


Why take after school Spanish classes?

If you live in California, then you probably do not need much convincing on the importance of learning Spanish or understanding the culture. There are over 400 million Spanish speakers worldwide with over 33 million of those speakers in the United States alone. That puts Spanish as the second most spoken language in the United States.


kid-learning-spanish-in-santa-barbaraAside from helping advance career opportunities around the world, Spanish has become an important language for working domestically in the United States. Learning Spanish and having a firm grasp of the culture can help students in their career paths. Spanish-speakers represent a large population of consumers nationwide and Latin American countries are the most important trading partners in the world.

Spanish has been a key language sought by employers in California but is also helpful for entrepreneurs, business owners, or those working with employees or customers. Being bilingual puts you at a competitive advantage in the job market and it enhances your resume even more so. In addition, Spanish is a fun language to learn full of rich cultural history, dance, arts, and stories. Many Spanish words are used in our everyday conversations and play a key role in everyday California life. Our After School Languages Spanish program is designed to familiarize students with Spanish by teaching them the basic words, songs, numbers, colors, and help them gain familiarity with one of the largest populations in America.