American Sign Language For Kids


It is never to early to start learning Sign Language

ASL or American Sign Language is a physical language used by deaf people in the United States of America.  It has been known to be a fun language for children and families to learn and teaches students to communicate with people who are deaf.

Baby-language-classesStudies have shown that adding movement and visual elements to a child’s verbal communication can help them in retaining and enhancing their vocabulary, spelling, and reading skills. By speaking words along with signs, parents have discovered that their kids learn to speak faster than their peers.

Many parents wonder when the best time to start exposing children to sign language is and according to various articles and our experience, it is during the early development stages, as early as 4-6 months. In fact, it has been said that many babies make their own signs and signals that parents do not even notice or understand. By educating and exposing your children to the correct signs at an early age, you can be giving them a basic understanding of a new language they can use as they grow and also allow you to better communicate with your child before they can do it verbally.