Montecito After School Programs

Photo By Ian McKaig
Montecito’s Butterfly Beach Photo By Ian McKaig

We offer numerous after school programs and language classes for schools in Montecito.

We offer our Montecito schools many languages including the very popular French classes, Spanish classes, and Russian Classes. Montecito is a very internationally diverse community with residents and students coming from all over the world. Montecito was once home to the Chumash people who lived off of the creeks and coastlines for generations before Spanish soldiers began to move in to what is now called Old Spanish Town. In later years, Montecito became a popular destination for the Italians of Santa Barbara who still to this day host their annual Boot Club BBQs at Manning Park. Montecito has both rural and ocean front areas that have now become home to  numerous golf courses, hiking and horseback riding trails, and country clubs. The main shopping center in Montecito is located on Coast Village Road with many well-loved restaurants and boutique shops. Montecito has wonderful beaches, parks, and outdoor activities.



Want an after school program for your Montecito school? Give us a call, we would love to get some language classes going for your children or click here to contact us.