French Classes

learn-french-homeWhy learn French?

With over 200 million French speakers spanning across 5 continents, French has become one of the most taught and learned foreign languages, second only to English. French is also in the top ten most spoken languages in the world.
French is known to be a good starting point for learning other languages particularly romance languages like Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese.

France is a fun, romantic, and culturally rich country known for cooking, fashion, live theater, visual arts and architecture. The founders of various types of arts and entertainments are French, including the famous Lumière Brothers who turned movie pictures into a form of entertainment. France continues to be a powerful player in the entertainment industry with one of the most important film festivals and television markets held in Cannes. It is one of the world’s top tourist destinations and attracts millions of visitors every year and while French comes in handy when traveling to France, it is also useful in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Africa, Monaco, The Seychelles, the Caribbean, and others.

Learn-french-class-santa-barbaraLearning French has become an advantage on the international job market opening doors to companies that work with Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and North Africa. France is also a large and important economic partner coming in as one of the world’s five largest economies and foreign investment destinations. Aside from the importance of learning French, our After School Languages French program is one of the most popular classes we offer.