English as a second language

Our English as a second language program helps non-native speakers stay ahead

Whether your child is an advanced or a beginning English speaker, if English is not their first language then staying ahead in their schooling can be challenging and isolate them from their peers. Our English as a Second Language Program was created to help students stay up on their English speaking but to also create friendships by interacting in a safe group setting. We help children improve social skills through conversation, games, and songs in order to help them learn while interacting with each other, having fun, and making friends.



Why learning and perfecting English is so important

With thousands of languages spoken around the world, communicating, understanding, or working with the international community can prove challenging. English is the second most commonly spoken language around the world and is considered one of, if not the most, important languages to learn. Most international business is conducted in English while many international companies have minimum English language requirements. Even many of the top schools and education programs require a minimum understanding and proficiency in speaking, writing, and reading English. Additionally, a vast majority of papers published in scientific journals are written in English, making learning to speak and read English extremely important for the science and medical professions. Finally, there are over a billion websites written in English and most of the best selling movies, songs, and books have been written in English.