Chinese Classes for Children

Learning Chinese is very important for today’s children?

Everyone knows that learning about other languages and cultures helps our children stay competitive in a very competitive international job market. But now more then ever parents in the United States are beginning to understand the importance of learning to speak Chinese or at the least be exposed to it. China has become a major economic, political, and cultural force with plans to become even more so in our children’s future. That is why it is important to prepare our students to engage, collaborate, and compete with their Chinese peers who are already being trained in English.


There are tremendous advantages to speaking and understanding Mandarin and the Chinese culture particularly in business collaborations and political negotiations. Understanding another culture and language builds trust and respect when attempting to partner or work with people from another country. By exposing our students to the Chinese language and culture, we are investing in America’s future as our children begin to compete for jobs and deals with their peers in Asia.